Powell Boys Pull for Joe and Max

Powell Boys Pull for
Joe and Max – and Pull
Each Other Tomorrow

Four boys at Powell Station
will listen to the Louis-
Schmeling fight broadcast
tonight – and two of the four
will get a buggy ride tomorrow

Kyle Hatcher, 20 and Morris
Rice, 18 are dead certain Joe
Louis will keep his champion-
ship title, but Tye Sharp, 20
and Clyde Bledsoe, 27 are just
as positive that Max Schmeling
is going to knowk Joe’s block off.

And here’s the point: The
Losers will have to pull the winners
all the way to Knoxville,
about 10 miles, in a buggy.

They plan to start for Knoxville
at 9 a. m. tomorrow.

“We’re goingn to go right
down through Gay Street,” said
Kyle. “I guess we’ll get there
about 11 in the morning.”

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