Welcome to the Powell Station History Society website.

This area was originally founded by Revolutionary War Soldier, John Menefee around 1790 as Menefee Station, an outpost to watch for Indian uprisings in the area.

The railroad came to the area around 1860.   A depot was erected on Columbus Powell’s farm, hence the name Powell’s Station.   The name was shortened to Powell in 1949.

The depot was demolished on several occasions by train derailments.   The depot was always rebuilt until the last derailment that occurred in the late 1970s.

This area is rich in early Tennessee History.   I hope you enjoy the articles presented here.   Please notify us if you find any errors of have additional information to share.

The Powell Station History Society was formed in 2018.   Our mission is to record and preserve the history of Powell Tennessee.

Typically, our group meets meets 7 pm on the last Monday of the month. Check our facebook group or contact us for scheduled meeting dates and events.  Visitors are welcome to all meetings and events.